MOT Data & Analysis

Leverage comprehensive MOT data and advanced analysis to make informed decisions and improve your automotive business.

Access MOT Data

MOT Data at Your Fingertips

Brego provides extensive MOT data that can be easily accessed via our platform and API. Access crucial information, including test dates, results, mileage, and advisory notes, to make informed decisions about a vehicle's history.

Big Data & Machine Learning

MOT Analysis for Better Insights

Our cutting-edge big data technology and machine learning algorithms provide in-depth MOT analysis for specific vehicles. By inputting a VIN or VRM, you can gain valuable insights into the MOT information of a particular car, helping you make data-driven decisions.

API Example

Accessing MOT Data via API

Here's a simple example of how to access MOT data using our API with a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM):

curl -G{VRM}/mots -d countryCode=gb
Trusted Data Source

Official DVSA Data

Brego's MOT data is sourced directly from the official DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability. You can trust that the data we provide is up-to-date and comprehensive.