Vehicle Valuations


Brego uses technology to provide the most accurate vehicle valuations in the automotive market

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We provide advanced accurate modelling and valuation services to the automotive industry using
Artificial Intelligence.

Products & Services

Brego has a unique set of tools to suit your requirements

We believe in simplicity. That’s why we have two products to surface our data that we call the API and the Platform. Both come packaged with all of the features we work hard to develop.

Why chose Brego

Brego is advancing the automotive industry with technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

We have worked tirelessly with machine learning experts to develop the best, banking-level prediction engine the industry has ever seen.


Through our use of technology, we achieve the highest accuracy of predictions in the industry.

Designed with Passion

We’re passionate about design and user experience. We use this passion in every tool we develop.

Built with integration in mind

The beauty of simple integration

We work hard to ensure you can integrate our AI models into your systems. After years of working with clients, we have designed the perfect API for your business.










Getting Started

Let’s get you started

After you’ve browsed our demo, you can register to Brego for a license of the API or Platform, depending on your business needs. Get started here by sending some details about your requirements and we'll be in touch within hours.

Monthly Subscription

Our products are based on monthly subscriptions with rate limits (up to unlimited). No complicated pricing.

Help along the way

We strive to help you every step of the way and you will be enrolled in our feature-request system from the start of your time with us.

Regular Updates

Updates to the API and Platform are done regularly to ensure you have the best, most up to date models and aren’t waiting months for updates.

Easy Login and Onboarding

We use OAuth to secure all login details - this means we can add every member of your company in seconds and your data is protected.