Automotive Valuations
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Artificial Intelligence

Automotive insights on new and concept cars using state of the art artificial Intelligence.

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What we do

We use artificial intelligence to accurately predict current and future pricing of new, used and concept cars or motorcycles. We strive to use the most advanced technology, bringing the automotive industry into the future.



Depreciation & Valuation Tools

We use Artificial Intelligence to accurately predict depreciation, ownership costs, current valuations and residual values for new and concept cars. We work with you to integrate our tools into your business, tailoring our solutions to your needs.

Brego Service Card

Brego Service Card
Specialist Technology

AI Tooling

Advanced artificial intelligence tools that allow your business to pass your competition. From car finance tools to valuations - we have the tools you need to enhance your offering.

Bespoke Solutions

Custom Data Integration

Unlike other solutions, we care about keeping you ahead of your competitors. If you have historical sales data, we work with you to integrate this securely into our software. This is delivered as a bespoke product, none of your competitors will have the same tool.

Brego Service Card

Our Approach

How we work with you to create the best service possible

We work with you to uncover your specific requirements and go through our processes.
We integrate our products and technology straight into your business.
We integrate your data with our technology, giving you the most bespoke product in the market.