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Brego is the most accurate vehicle valuations provider in the UK. We provide vehicle pricing and data services to automotive businesses.

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What Our Customers Say

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"Brego has provided us with vehicle appraisals and vehicle history reports. Their platform is significantly superior to anything we've seen and used before, and we're very impressed with the accuracy and coverage of the vehicles they can evaluate"

Tim Mayneord, CEO of Paddlup

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"Utilising Brego's API for valuations and vehicle data has been transformative for AutoLend. It has streamlined our operations, ensuring precision in every deal and allowed our auto-decisioning to operate with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Brego powers our confidence in every transaction, setting a new standard in the car finance industry."

Chris Bosworth, MD of AutoLend

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what we do

Access the most accurate
vehicle data and vehicles


We use deep learning to analyse the entire automotive industry and value vehicles using a huge dataset.

Platform and API Products

We offer a range of products to suit your needs, from a simple API to a full platform.

Bespoke Services

We believe in great service, keeping pricing and communication clear and simple.

How Brego Works

Predicting the future

Brego uses the same AI technology that powers ChatGPT to value vehicles, ranging from mass market to rare luxury cars. We can value new and used cars to within 10% accuracy over 85% of the time; beating our competition by over 25%.

Huge Dataset

Our dataset contains hundreds of millions of data points and is carefully processed to only use valid data.

Vehicle Matching

Our matching algorithm uses advanced Natural Language Processing models to correctly match vehicles.

Automated Validation

We have developed a rigorous testing regime that validates new models by running them against thousands of tests before they are released.


The end result is a state-of-the-art valuation model that can be accessed via our Platform or API.


Data and Valuations
for the whole market

Brego provides a whole market view of vehicle data and valuations. We have access to over 150,000 vehicles and 85% accuracy on our valuations.

Access Vehicle Data
and Valuations today

The Brego Platform

Our Platform gives you instant access to valuations without the need to integrate with our API. Simply sign up and get started. Billed monthly and priced depending on usage.

Brego Platform
Finance/ Lenders

We work with lenders to provide residual values and current values.


Insurance companies make use of the platform


Dealerships can use the platform to value part-exchange cars


Accurate & Fast Valuations

Brego is the most accurate vehicle valuations provider in the UK. We provide vehicle pricing and data services to automotive businesses.


Vehicle Data

Brego's curated taxonomy contains over 150,000 vehicles. We are always adding further features and innovating, working with clients to give them the best possible experience.


Hundreds of Features

We are constantly innovating and adding new features to our platform. We work with clients to ensure we are providing the best possible experience.

VRM Lookup
VIN Lookup
Similar Listings
Historic Listings
3 million requests per day
Industry leading accuracy
Total Cost of Ownership Data
Vehicle Data
CO2 Analysis
Market Analysis
Market Comparisons
Our Flagship Tool

The Brego Platform

Our Platform is one of the most advanced web-based valuations and insights tools on the market. It allows you and your company to get started with Brego straight away.