Brego's API

Our API is for those who want deeper integration with our data. It's a RESTful service that allows you to view the depreciation of all our cars.

Brego's API

Our RESTful API for custom integration

Our API fuels our Platform and has been designed for businesses who want to integrate our data with their systems. It interacts with our AI models in a simple and intuitive way - built for developers to quickly integrate Brego's technology.


A focus on accuracy

Accuracy has been a priority from the start and using our Machine Learning performance measuring tools, we have achieved an incredibly high accuracy for all cars in our dataset.


In active development

Our tech teams work hard on the Platform to ensure that every ounce of useful data is extracted from our AI models.

The tool boasts some of the best features in the market and will continue to grow.

5 Year Predictions

Get up to 60 months worth of depreciation data as well as current valuation with an incredibly high accuracy.

The Largest Dataset

Get valuations of cars such as Koenigseggs, Bugattis, NIOs etc. Our database has one of the largest collections of car models the in world.

Banking-level AI for Automotive

Our AI models derive from those used in financial services to predict investments, we have tailored this to automotive, producing stunning results.