Brego Platform and API

Smarter Lending Decisions with Precise Vehicle Valuations

Brego empowers finance providers with the insights needed to make data-driven lending decisions. Our platform delivers accurate residual values, market trends, and comprehensive vehicle information to help lenders assess risk confidently. Whether managing existing loans or approving new financing, Brego’s advanced tools enable smarter lending strategies and optimised portfolio performance.

Brego Platform and API

Finance Approvals

Brego’s platform provides lenders and brokers with accurate, real-time vehicle valuations to streamline the loan approval process. Our data-driven insights enable you to quickly assess the residual value of any vehicle, helping you determine the optimal loan-to-value ratio. By leveraging comprehensive vehicle information and predictive analytics, you can confidently approve financing while minimising default risks.

Brego Platform

Portfolio Management

Optimise your loan portfolio with Brego's powerful portfolio management tools. Our predictive models analyse historical trends and market forecasts to identify high-risk loans and emerging opportunities. With these insights, lenders can rebalance their portfolios to reduce risk exposure, ensuring more consistent returns and improved overall performance.

Brego Platform

Risk Assessment

Brego’s risk assessment tools help lenders accurately evaluate the creditworthiness of each vehicle loan application. By analysing market demand, depreciation trends, and vehicle history, our platform provides detailed risk profiles to support lending decisions. This allows brokers to identify potential red flags early, reducing the likelihood of issuing loans on overvalued or high-risk vehicles.

Brego API

Automated Valuations

Brego’s automated valuation tools give brokers immediate access to accurate residual values for any vehicle. Our platform handles high volumes of data requests quickly, reducing turnaround time for loan applications. With valuations delivered in under 50 milliseconds, brokers can ensure seamless operations and provide clients with faster, more reliable service.