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Tailored insights for every industry, ensuring you receive precise and actionable vehicle valuation data where it matters most.

The Brego Platform

Brego provides the best web-based tools and APIs for automotive businesses all over the world.

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Finance Providers, Brokers & Lenders

Smarter Lending with Comprehensive Valuations

Brego provides finance providers with real-time valuations and predictive analytics, enabling smarter lending decisions. Accessing accurate residual values and comprehensive market data allows lenders to assess loan risks more effectively and confidently. Whether issuing auto loans or managing portfolios, Brego’s precise insights help finance providers minimise default risks and optimize profitability.

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Optimise Inventory Pricing and Sales

Dealerships can leverage Brego’s platform to optimise pricing strategies and increase sales velocity. Our advanced valuation tools provide insights into current and future vehicle prices, helping dealerships stay competitive and capitalise on market trends. Additionally, the advert text generator and dealer analytics features help dealerships streamline their marketing efforts and make data-driven inventory decisions.

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Insurance Providers

Accurate Risk Assessment and Efficient Claims Processing

For insurance providers, Brego offers accurate risk assessment tools that streamline claims processing and support point-of-quote operations. With real-time valuations, detailed vehicle history checks, and predictive analytics, insurance professionals can confidently assess risk and tailor quotes. This reduces the likelihood of fraudulent claims and ensures more consistent pricing.

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Enhance Production and Sales with Data-Driven Insights

Manufacturers can harness Brego’s powerful data analysis to better understand market trends and optimise production strategies. By accessing comprehensive vehicle valuations and predictive market data, manufacturers gain valuable insights into consumer demand, allowing them to tailor production and marketing efforts more effectively.

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Automotive Businesses

We help bring valuations data into automotive businesses and work with them to integrate useful insights for their customers.

We help automotive companies with data modelling and valuations services. Our clients range from Finance providers to insurance providers, dealerships, manufacturers etc.

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