Future Vehicle Valuations

Check the future value of a vehicle

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Future valuations are needed when financing, insuring or purchasing vehicles. They help customers know how much depreciation the car is due to go through and decide monthly payments on PCP financial deals.

Future Vehicle Valuations

View the future value of a vehicle with multiple factors taken into account such as options, condition, colour, year, mileage and more. This tool has a tested accuracy rate of over 90% and users can search for vehicles with make and model, VIN or Registration Plate. Up to 60 months (5 years) worth of depreciation data is available.


  • Future values of supercars

  • Future values of classic cars

  • Future values of hypercars

  • Over 90% accuracy

  • 5 years worth of future data

  • Monthly depreciation data available through both of Brego's tools.


  • More accuracy with Brego's technology

  • Avoid losing equity in vehicles

  • Give better monthly finance deals to your customers through accurate residual values

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